Retiree UCInetID Self-Service

All eligible UCI Faculty and Staff Retirees have the option to maintain UCInetIDs and email addresses through sponsorship via the UCI Center for Emeriti & Retirees (CER). This benefit enables you to maintain key contacts, register for programs, obtain a discounted rate on parking permits as well as other discounts, and access library and OIT services on campus. CER will keep your email on a confidential listserv and only send you updates about any benefit changes, pension and medical plan information and programs available to you as a retiree.

If you have questions on using this form, please contact or call (949) 824–7769

Retain Access

Must have an active UCInetID

I am a retiree and I would like to retain access to my UCI Email Address and UCInetID.

Proceed to my Retain Access application

Reactivate Account

My UCInetID has been deactivated following my retirement and I would like to reactivate it.

Proceed to my Reactivate Account application