ID Number
Enter the ID number that was assigned to you by the Admissions office (applicants), by the registrar (students), by payroll (employees), or your department sponsor (sponsored or group UCInetID).

Depending on your affiliation with the University, your ID number will be one of the following:

Applicant/Student ID
The 8-digit number assigned by the Registrar's office. For example: "12345678". Please read the Applicant FAQ.

Division of Continuing Education / Access-UCI Student ID
The 7-digit number assigned by Division of Continuing Education. The number is preceded by the letter "X". For example: "X1234567".

Faculty or Staff ID
The 8-digit employee ID number assigned by UCPath. For Example: "10386790".

Sponsored ID number
The 8-digit Sponsored ID number assigned by OIT. For example: "00123456".

Group ID
The 5-digit GroupID number. For example: "12345".